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The Top 10 Activities To Do Inside Your Man Cave

Building a man cave is a lot of fun, however, every project needs some inspiration. For those that are interested in building or updating a man cave, here are some activities that you can include.

Play Billiards/Poker:

What more manly than two of the most iconic bar and casino games that have every existed? Nothing… So why not bring the feeling of a good game of pool to your man cave? For those that are more interested in a relaxing gambling session, bring your favorite deck of cards to the table and grab some poker chips!

Pool table / billiards table

Watch Sports/Television:

We would say watching television or the game is relaxing, however it can certainly get heated pretty quick. Here at JJTPOSTS, this is the goal. Thrive off your energy, host game day for your boys, build your dream bar scene or home theater.

Soccer Channel


Whether you are entering weekend mode or just had a long day, sit in your favorite chair and relax. There is a reason your man cave is the coolest room in the house.


Have a Drink:

Creating a scenery in your man cave that allows you to be comfortable and have a drink is always a good idea. So naturally when you find yourself looking for something to do, just kick back!

Do it – or don’t. Your choice.

Play Video Games:

This one goes out to our gamers. Games that you love are always fun to play. However, it never hurts to try something new. If you are used to video games, play a board game. If you are into cards, hop on the Xbox for a little.

Video game set up

Arcade Games:

Following up on our video games idea, finally use that old pinball machine that you have. Whip out a full size or miniature sonic game that you got for Christmas. Enjoy the nostalgic feeling of going to the arcade with your friends!

arcade man cave

Modify Your Car / Hobby:

Depending on your man cave theme, try performing some of your favorite hobbies. If you have a sick garage setup, bring in the car and

do some work to make her look nice and pretty.

garage man cave

Gather Your Friends:

If there is an opening in the group's schedules, why not gather everyone to hang out in your man cave! A group of friends meeting in a cool place will always lead to a fun time.

group of friends

Play Darts:

Set up a dart board in the room and play a game. Investing in the game is cheap and you can easily choose between traditional or magnetic darts.

Dart Board

Decorate/Expand Your Man Cave:

Add some cool new decorations!!!

Man Cave Decorations

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