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[Solution] Why Is Modalyst Not Showing Me All Products On AliExpress?

As a relatively new drop shipper I have found myself scrolling through AliExpress or Alibaba for hours to find a new product that will truly work for my site. Whether this product has faster shipping than competitors, better advertising, or the best price, we need to be picky when choosing our suppliers. Then comes the problem, the listing isn’t showing up on Modalyst.

So why does Modalyst not show all the products from these online retailers? Well, someone needs to manually add them to the site. But don’t worry, this is not as difficult as it sounds. How do we fix this problem? For this example I am going to be using AliExpress as the fix to this sticky situation.

Follow This Steps


First, go to Modalyst and find any Aliexpress item under “Ready To Sell.”


Next, hover over the item and select “View AliExpress Shipping Rates”. There are a couple of ways to get redirected to the AliExpress site from Modalyst, any will work.


Now that Modalyst has redirected you to AliExpress, there is an option to search for products in the top left of your screen. Search for anything that you are interested in on the site. (All AliExpress items will come up).


Now that you have AliExpress opened from within Modalyst. Each of the search results should have a colorful (currently purple), “Add to Modalyst button”.


Hit that button to add / import the product to your Modalyst account. This button is found on the AliExpress page below the products in your search results.


Please note, when I performed this action Modalyst took around a minute to update my import list. If it’s not showing up, attempt to refresh your active Modalyst page.

From one dropshipper to another, we hope that this helps you with any problems you are encountering. If there is any confusion with this process feel free to comment below or email us To checkout our man cave and random pop up collections, hit the menu button on the top of this page or go to

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