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Should You Purchase a Domain Through Wix or Other Sources?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Choosing a domain name is very important to every business. Domains are most commonly known for being used on websites, but will soon reveal to newcomers that they have many uses. So when designing a website, should you purchase your domain through Wix or outsource to a different company?

Quick Answer: If you are only concerned about cost, outsource to another company to receive your custom domain. Wix is not the cheapest on domain hosting as there are competitors that offer identical services for under half the cost. However, we do recommend you continue reading to learn about the difference between Wix domain hosting and their competitors.

should you purchase a domain through wix or other sources

Reasons to purchase a Wix Domain Name

Wix offers the ability for users to have EVERYTHING paid for all in one place. Essentially, they provide you the choice to make website changes, upgrades, analytics, collect sales revenue, pay for web hosting, and purchase a domain all in one place. Surely this isn’t everything that Wix offers, but you get the point. Having Wix take care of your domain name is going to make your website career less confusing going forward.

While we are on the topic of making the process easy, Wix also offers automatic renewal on website plans and domain names. Wix aims to renew your domain name 30 days prior to expiration to avoid any complications an expiring domain could have on your website. In addition, if you have a Wix premium plan, premium app, or mailbox they will also auto renew your plan prior to expiration.

Though you might find the next two benefits relevant to most domain providers, Wix offers free SSL certification and easy domain name choice. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and provides security between your website and the devices being used. This will help prevent any harm doers on the internet from stealing your sensitive information. As a website design company, we highly recommend that you protect your information on the internet.

When it comes to choosing your domain name, Wix will have you type in the domain that you want. If it’s available they will allow you to choose between .com, .blog, .net, etc. If the domain name is taken, they will provide relevant names that you can choose from. The process of finding the correct domain name for your company is made simple through Wix. For those wondering how long it takes to create a domain through Wix, if you know the name you’re looking for it’ll be under 1 minute.

To finish off the positives, Wix offers the first year of your domain registration to be free of charge. If you are tight on money, this might be the winning factor to help your company get off their feet and onto the internet.

Reasons to purchase a domain name from other companies

Wix charges nearly double of some competitors for the base price of their domains. There are domain providers that will sell you an SSL certified domain for under $8 a year. When going through Wix you are going to find yourself paying a base cost of $14.95 a year. So if it’s all about saving money for your business, we definitely recommend finding a cheap and trusted domain host.

The prices for a Wix domain don’t stop there either. Most customers find themselves spending an additional $9.90 a year to ensure their domain is Privately Registered. For those wondering what this means, a privately registered domain avoids personal WHOIS information from being released publicly to spammers and anyone else who may want it. When purchasing the base domain fee through Wix you are getting no identity protection through your domain.

Additional Information

Transferring a domain to Wix is another situation that some users will come across. Say you are a new Wix user or originally outsourced your domain, but now you want to have it owned through Wix. There is definitely a way to do this, but there are some limitations. Wix will only take certain domain types (.net, .com., etc.), therefore you will have to ensure that they will take yours. Wix has also released this in their support page forums “Currently, you can only transfer domains with the following extensions: .com, .org, .net, .agency, .art, .biz, .ca, .center, .christmas, .co, .company, .club, .directory, .email, .expert, .gift, .guru, .holiday, .info, .land, .mx, .ninja, .online, .photography, photos, .pictures, .rocks, .shop, .solutions, .space, .tokyo, .today, .technology, .tips, .tv, and .xyz.”.

For more information about the transfer process check out this article posted by Wix Support.

Good Luck!

Here at JJTPOSTS we wish you the best of luck in your website creation and maintenance career. Choosing a domain name should be fun and feel good, it’s a crucial step to making your business official. If you ever find yourself needing website work performed feel free to check us out at or by clicking on “Website Design” from the menu on top of this page.

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