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Plastic Luminescence Dragon LED Cup - Product Review


Plastic Luminescence Dragon LED Cup

Product Introduction:

Welcome to the product review on the plastic led luminescence dragon cup that is currently up for grabs on as of November 29, 2022. Before we begin, it’s important to note that this article is created by an online retailer, not the product creator.

Product Sales Pitch:

Looking for that one unique piece of decoration that your buddies don't have yet? Decorate your mancave with these LED beer mugs to bring the party vibe in a non-traditional way!

Product Information:

  • Pour water in the cup and it glows. Without the water, it will not glow.

  • Lighting color: red, yellow, green, blue magic

  • Luminescence duration: about 24 hours

  • Product Material: Plastic Product Color, Transparent Product Capacity, 285ml

  • Package includes: 1 pcs

Review From JJTPOSTS:

As the retailer that carries this product, we absolutely loved MOST of it. The product came as described from the distribution center. The design on the cup is pretty sick, proving the images in the product description to be accurate. The plastic used to make the product is rather durable, seeing how we have dropped it a few times over the past week and it hasn’t broken yet. As for the LED lighting, it worked exactly as described. Once we poured water, Red Bull, and juice in the cup, it instantly lit up. The color changing was initially pretty cool, with both smooth transitions and fast flashing every once in a while. Our only problem with this cup is that with clear liquids, you are essentially staring into the LEDs while drinking. However, closing your eyes or viewing from further than a few inches away, the cup is certainly a sick addition to any man cave!

Outside Review:

When reaching out to a member of our local community we found that they enjoyed the unique designs and led features in the cup. They also followed up with excitement as we answered yes to their question, “Can it actually be recharged?” The person reviewing claimed that they were not a huge fan of plastic cups, however they would deal with the material for the unique LED factor this cup provided.

Closing Statements:

The cup’s design and LED feature is truly an eye-catching piece for any man cave or she shed. If the piece appeals to your attention, feel free to visit JJTPOSTS or follow the link at the top of this article to purchase the cup!

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