7 Trending Ways To Include Pastel Colors In Your Website Design

Updated: Jul 10

Pastel colors have previously been used all throughout advertising. Whether you are viewing an old television ad, modern day posters, or simply looking at a coffee shop logo, the pastel palette is never too far away. The less saturated colors create a soft, warm, and welcoming feel to most designs they are used on. Furthermore, pastel colors typically go hand in hand with each other when designing just about anything.

This brings us to the main point of the article, pastel colored websites have become more mainstream in the past few years. This post aims to teach you how to utilize these colors when designing your own unique website.

Best pastel colored websites

Creating A Pastel Background

Pastel backgrounds are great for designing a website with lots of color, meanwhile avoiding the problem of overwhelming the viewer. Pastel colors are great for loading color onto a website due to their pigment being easy on the eye. Similar to that of a white or dark gray page, pastel colors do not scream for attention. This allows for viewers to keep their focus on the website’s main content, rather than a distracting background.

Pastel backgrounds also create a great base color for text visibility. Pastel colors work well with highlighted, white, tan, or black text. The combination of many different pastel backgrounds will go well with one of these options, allowing for the background to be colorful and the text to still pop.

Designing With Pastel Text

Using pastel tones in headings or content text is most often found when designing with a lighter themed background. Similar to why a designer might use white or black text on a pastel background; the colors simply go well with each other. Pastel text allows for a calm feeling when reading, it also adds a subtle amount of color to an otherwise plain webpage.

Pastel colors are also loved by website designers that use bubbly fonts. When used correctly, the pastel color palette can create smooth color gradients and text shadowing, resulting in the text to stick out. In addition, the shadow and fade features some websites include make for a calming realistic feel on the page. Keeping your website's traffic on the page for as long as possible is important, using these colors might just help you get the view time you need.

What are pastel fonts?

Working With New Fonts

Introducing pastel text or background colors opens your website to a variety of supporting fonts. What is a pastel font, you may be wondering. Well, a pastel font, or fonts, are a collection of different calm looking fonts that pastel colors fit well with. These fonts range from drawing and crayon looking designs, to bubble letters, cursive, and even ultra thin fonts. Pastel fonts provide a calm and happy mood, they are used to further support the emotions provided from pastel colors.

Choosing To Use Pastels In/On Images

Providing images on a website is a great way to visualize what you are talking about. Images are also a great way of adding large colorful sections to a web page. Not only will the images stick out better on a pastel themed webpage, but they will add more color to the page. In addition, using pastel colors inside the imagery can make for cool shading effects and color combinations.

Using Colors To Navigate Viewer Attention

Pastel colors work well in web design as a form of navigating the viewers attention. The colors collaborate as a text or button border for both plain backgrounds and imagery. Because of the low saturation in pastel colors, they tend to stick out when placed on more saturated colors. As you can assume, this makes for a good attention grabber for important information.

Making The Best Out Of A Pastel Logo

Pastel Logo Design - Greenfield Website Design

Most websites are going to have a business logo placed somewhere on the page. Including the pastel color palette into a business logo is another great option. Each of the colors can really help bring out the business image that is greatly desired by many companies.

Using pastel in logos is also a great decision for companies looking to advertise on multiple different platforms. Seeing how a logo is one of the most reused features a business has, ensuring it is well designed and matches that brand is important. Pastel colors can be placed onto just about anything. This means your same website logo can be placed onto flyers, videos, clothing, etc.

Aging Your Website (New vs Vintage Design)

It’s time to think about the era you want your website to represent. It can be difficult to pull off, but pastel colors are actually a great way for making both old and modern day website designs. Using the light toned colors on black and white imagery can create an old advertisement mood on your site. While taking the opposite approach, setting the background to a cream color and slapping pastel icons or background patterns all over the page will create a modern day feel. Either way, pastel colors work well with just about any content that you have to share, it’s all about finding the color best fit for your site.

Good Luck!

Whether you are creating websites, logos, or images, pastel colors are a great choice to choose from! Hopefully you were able to learn some valuable information from this post! If you have any further questions, there is a comment section at the bottom of the page. We will gladly respond to anything you have to say.

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