Best Man Cave Themes 2022 - 2023

Designing a man cave in the modern day has never been more exciting. There are so many options when it comes to theme, decoration, retailers, and so discovering what truly makes you happy. Seeing how your man cave is being created to help you or your loved one feel happy and safe, we have created a list of themes that can inspire them to discover exactly what they want!

Classic Garage Man Cave

We are starting off the list with “the classic” garage man cave. Now we fully understand, this is a location. However, it is SO much more than just a place to have a man cave, it really sets the mood for the hangout spot. Turning your garage into a full blown car enthusiast theme with hanging wheels, signs, and parts is more than just a statement, for some it's a necessity. This allows for you and your buddies to not only enjoy the presence of a nice vehicle while chilling together, but also creates a convenient and pleasant location to work on a sick whip.

Having all of your tools to work on a vehicle in one place is rather convenient. Having a place to relax for a minute, or grab a beer while working is even better. Being able to create your favorite room of the house; spending hours of fun & experiencing vehicle encouraged rage all in one place is just what some people need. In the end, a well decorated room with a sick vehicle makes for a killer combo.

Modern Gaming

Man cave, bedroom, gaming room, or whatever name you may have for it, you know someone who is into it. With online gaming being a worldwide favorite in terms of entertainment, there is much hype around the topic. The idea behind having a modern style gaming area is typically expressed through sweet rigs, RGB lights, and game related decorations. From posters to plushies and much beyond, gamers are a unique type. There are so many different ways to decorate a room, it’s all about finding what you like.

Arcade Gaming

The retro-nostalgic themed man cave can truly be created in many different ways. For the sake of this post, we will be telling yall about the general items inside of this sick design. Throwing in arcade games, such as Skee ball or Pacman is just the start. In addition, throwing in a pool table, bar, and loads of lights will create a man cave that all your friends will want to hang out in.

Drink Lover (Bar Theme)

Designing a man cave by the pool, in the back shed, or in the basement will always allow for a bar. If drinking is something that you and the boys love to do, choose your design and go for it. Finding bottle racks, bar tables, stools, and drinks to all work together gives for a great deal of customization.

Sports Enthusiast Theme

Designing a sports focused man cave is not all about matching team colors and having cool one of a kind items. Though display items are sick, getting a nice television and lounge area is also important. The sports enthusiast man cave is created with the drive to make a pleasant viewing experience. Though comfort is the goal, having a cool snack area and room to celebrate is also important!


Yee to the haw! Got a gun rack? Throw it in your man cave! Got some old cowboy hats? Throw em’ on the wall! Design your ole’ cave to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible!

Modern (California)

The modern styled man cave can take many different looks, but for the most part it’s all about having a clean style. Whether this is created ideally for relaxing or even hosting podcasts, there is a lot that can be done to this style.

Nature Focused Man Cave

Real or fake plants, natural lights, nice aroma, and some chill music. What else could you ask for? Being out in nature is one of the best ways to find relaxation in your life. Why not bring that feeling to your home???

Retro Man Cave (Bring The 70s, 80s, & 90s Back)

Throwback decor, neon colors, and everything that makes you feel nostalgia! The perfect at home style for those that miss the early days, but are too embarrassed to tell others.

Theater Style Man Cave

Calling an at home theater a man cave might be a stretch to the normal person, but to us it’s totally viable. The at home movie theater will require a bit of investment, however it will surely be worth it. After buying nice lounge chairs, a projector, and support decorations there will be no better place in the house.

The theater style man cave can be designed around your favorite films, actors, and so much beyond these ideas. Starting off with a nice projector or television and comfortable seats is a great start. While time moves on, investing in a high quality sound system is surely recommended to complete your project. Though overall pricey, this theme is very popular and we can surely see why!

Chill Theme

The description is in the name baby. The idea behind a chill themed man cave is to have a casual place to hang out. A chill man cave isn’t necessarily the most expensive or fancy design, but it gets the job done. After all, being comfortable is what man caves are all about.

The Club

Owners of club themed man caves have one goal in mind; they want to have fun. Toss up a good form of lights, invest in a good surround sound system, and add your favorite forms of entertainment.

There are certainly lots of decorations that can be added to a club themed man cave. Our recommendations to you, find your inner joy!!

"Gambling Man"

Poker, Blackjack, Slots, and just about anything you can place bets on; add it. That’s right, if a casino can buy it, so can you! Get a sick TV setup for game night. Buy a poker table for nights with the lads. Buy a pool table or air hockey table for some intense action. If it exists, you can gamble on it. A great choice in theme for those that like to gamble but don’t want to leave the house.

Hobbyist Man Cave

You love what you do and you certainly do what you love. That’s right, fill the room with your favorite hobby related items. With online retailers these days you can surely find just about anything you are looking for.

Hunter / Forest Man Cave

Love showing off the game you scored the other day? Gotta show it off in the man cave so all your lads can share the experience with you! So go get that stuffed buck head, throw some antlers on the wall, maybe an antler mug or two? Don’t forget a gun safe!

“Go out to your shed!”

We know this. We feel this. We won’t talk about this. Good luck soldier, make it bad ass!

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