10 Best Free Online Website Building Tools 2022


10 Best Tools to build a website

Website Building Tool Kit | July 16, 2022

Starting a website in 2022 can be expensive, that’s why we have decided to help out our fellow website designers. The following tools have been gathered through organic website search as a solution to our personal business needs. Each of the tools provided are used by our company at zero cost.

Keyword Tools

Keyword tools are often used by website builders working on headlines, paragraph text, and meta descriptions. To use a keyword tool, enter words or phrases you are interested in including on your page. The tool will then search the internet for that phrase; it will come back with commonly searched relevant topics, along with their competition level.

Word Tracker:

Word tracker is an online keyword tool that provides keyword statistics for many platforms across the internet. It can be used to track keywords across Google, Amazon, YouTube, and eBay. The free version of this app shows the top 50 related keywords per search to be shown.


WordStream is a research tool that searches the internet for related keywords, meanwhile showing valuable statistics about the data found. This site will show monthly search volume, top of the page bid prices, and the level of competition for each word.

Free SEO Tools 2022 - Website building tools

SEO Tools

SEO tools are essential in measuring, well, SEO. Each SEO tool is built differently, however the goal is to have your page crawled and ranked on these platforms. Some tools will do full site audits, while others focus on linking and page information. Each tool is operated differently and it is recommended by us to use multiple when building your website.


Ahrefs is a fantastic tool used for all sorts of website related content. From backlinks to keywords, they have it all. Fortunately for us, the website offers two free tools found under their site audit and site explorer sections. Their site auditing tool will rate the health of a website, along with showing exactly what needs to be worked on. The site explorer tool is used to measure domain rating (DR), backlinks, referral domains, and much more.


Seobility is a great SEO tool for general analysis, along with content recommendations. This site will view your page's health based on 5 broad categories: meta information, page quality, page structure, server, and external factors. Seobility allows for specific page analysis rather than an entire site health check. This creates a better view on in depth changes your site can improve from.

Website Analytic Platforms

Website analytic platforms are good for measuring the flow of your page's traffic. They also measure how many clicks your page can gather, along with page impressions. These apps will change depending on the browser you use. The tools featured on this blog are used strictly for Google.

Google Search Console:

Google search console (GSC) is going to be one of your best friends when running a website. This tool, ran directly from Google themselves, is the main program you will be using to view your website traffic and submitting new site pages. When focusing on their website analytic features, this platform shows the exact number of web traffic your site gathers. This tool focuses on the number of clicks, impressions, CTR and positioning of your website.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics goes hand and hand with GSC. This tool is used to show information on the users of your website. Google made this tool to describe user activity and collect demographics for your website. GA is also used for measuring viewer engagement and revenue.

Free Social Media Tools | Content Creation

Content Creating Tools

Whether content is being used for your website or social media, having a good tool to create content is important. Some tools can be designed inside of media apps, while some platforms require outside apps. Here are a couple online apps that we use for our content.


Unsplash is a copyright-free image provider. The company has millions of photos, organized in many different categories. From images, to backgrounds, and patterns, Unsplash is a website designer’s safe haven for content.


Canva is a great tool for embracing creativity in digital arts and image editing. The platform makes for an easy time creating ads, social media posts, logo design, and much more. Canva also offers many templates for your creative desires.

Social Media Platforms

Gathering website traffic is an important part of building your brand. Social media is a free and easy way to gather traffic. If you are willing to put in the effort, social media will gather immense amounts of web traffic for your site. There are loads of social media platforms out there, we like to use the following.

Meta Business Suite:

Meta business suite is a one-stop-shop for Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. This tool is created for content scheduling, posting content on multiple platforms, and social media analytics. There are many platforms you can advertise your business on, but Meta allows you to do multiple at a time.

Good Luck Building Your Website!

If you find yourself in need of Wix website work or a website design project, feel free to check us out at jjtposts.com. We offer website packages, custom website work, website editing, and social media management!

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